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Medications are all important when it comes to healthy heart care. The patient needs to understand how the proper medication effects the heart. The fact that the heart has different problems means that accordingly the medication may vary as well. It is possible to have multiple problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol then you would need two different types of medications.

The medicine that is Beta-Blockers, which reduce the heart rate and the output of blood by counteracting a hormone called noradrenalin, is not recommended for people with severe heart failure. Diuretics are a medication that helps people with fluid retention. The digitalis medicines increase the force of the heart's contractions, helping to improve circulation. The medicines known as Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBS) may improve survival among heart failure patients and may slow or prevent the loss of heart pumping activity. The ACE inhibitors were originally developed as a treatment for high blood pressure the inhibitors help heart failure patients by decreasing the pressure inside the blood vessels. This results in the heart not needing to work as hard to pump blood through the vessels. Nitrate or hydralazine is prescribed to patients who cannot take ACE inhibitors or ARBS. These medications help relax tension in blood vessels and improve blood flow.

These are the basic groups of medications but they are manufactured by drug companies that attach their own name, however, just read the explanation you will get from your pharmacist and that will let you know the type of medication you are taking. Patients with high cholesterol levels take a drug called Lipitor while another patient might be in need of a Beta-Blocker so the medicine named Plavix. A patient might be inclined to strokes therefore; Nadolol helps with this problem. One medication that you can take that is highly recommended is Bayer Aspirin 81mg. The Aspirin known to stop heart attacks or prevent heart attacks and this medicine bought over the counter without a prescription.

The above medications are just a few that your doctor can prescribe for you according to your heart condition. The heart is one of the most vital organs in our body. It is essential that we take care of our heart in order to survive. That is why taking medications are a very serious matter. This could prevent your heart from functioning. I knew a man who was not of the wisest nature and whenever he traveled on his short weekend trips would take all of us heart medications on Friday afternoon so he would not have to take them with him. The first time he proclaimed that the room went round and he was dizzy for a while. This did not stop him the next time he did this when he stood up his heart stopped. Yes, the man died at the age of 55 years simply because he mismanaged his medications. Please only take what your doctor recommends and only as it is prescribed.


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