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Congestive Heart - Congestive Heart Failure
Congestive Heart - congestive heart articles
Congestive Heart - congestive heart articles

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

The human body is a magnificent machine that works in harmony with nature. The machinery needs proper care and sometimes parts replaced. Like the machine so the heart also needs help to prevent failure. The pump may not pump enough blood to meet your body's needs, which can lead into congestive heart failure. Many underlying conditions can cause congestive heart failure.

Over time and with the wear and tear of one's body the heart itself can develop such things as coronary artery disease or high blood pressure, which can lead to congestive heart failure. These things sap your strength leaving the heart with the inability to pump efficiently causing a break down. It is very important that you take care of yourself because these things while not reversible are preventable.

We have medicines that can treat the conditions you have improving your survival rate. These medications if taken properly can help control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other things that might be affecting your heart. The field of medicine has come a very long way in providing medicines to prevent congestive heart failure.

The cardiologist who is a heart specialist can inform you about by-pass surgery or stents to help open up the flow of your blood through your veins. Many things are possible to prolong your life just ask your doctor for advise as to what you need. It is very possible for you to do things for yourself that will help in good heart health.

Congestive heart failure maybe prevented by changing your lifestyle. This does not always take a big change but some things in your life are controllable. First, look at your diet eat a heart healthy diet. Watch out for salt intake, fatty foods, and over indulgences as these can cause congestive heart failure. Many of us in today's world need to know how to manage stress overcome depression or simply improve the quality of our life. The problem of being over weight can lead to other problems such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. We need to keep these conditions under control in order to prevent congestive heart failure.

Managing stress becomes a stressful problem in itself for many people. While others enjoy the benefit of belonging to a gym or owning equipment that they use in their homes some of us do not have the time, money, or space to afford such luxury's. A person who sets daily in his office may feel the tensions building up to the point of no relief and farther some even go into a depressive condition. This is very bad for the heart we say that our heart is what feels our emotions like love, sadness, hate, excitement etc. still yet our heart suffers with stress and depression. Congestive heart failure one of the number one killers of men and women can be prevented. Prevention begins as they say at home with you taking care of your needs.


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